The Brand

Made in Qatar


The brands stands for being loud, precise & detail oriented. Contemporary, creative but still wearable. The brand believes that fashion is personal art and also that less is more and timeless clothes is good tase.



The Designer 

​She designs clothes to tell stories. She lives in Doha but calls many places home. Someone once told her that she has to live a logical life, but she always said "Chaos makes the muse". She finds her Inspiration in the chaos & uncertainty. When designing she likes bringing elements from the past & implementing it to our modern day. she visualizes dressing a daring, strong and straightforward women. A Rebel as she might call her.

Word of Mouth 

About the Capsule 2020 Sportswear Collection 

“I'm wearing a gorgeous piece by the talented @roudhaalmazroei who's creating work that moves people towards a healthier future. Healthy and in style, the best of both worlds. I'm absolutely in love with this message and with her line as well."

“I love them & the fabrics are amazing!.”

“I'd like to thank you very much they feel and look beautiful.”

- Hana Leithy - 

- Maryam - 

- Sarah -